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Thelma and Judy – Squash Recipes!
October 23rd, 2013 by Katy McCoy
Cartoon of Cracker at Dharma Ridge standing amongst squash harvest wondering how to possibly cook it all

Lots of Squash? — COOK IT UP! And to help you, we are providing some recipes by Judy O’Brien who has volunteered to start providing the Corner with monthly recipes, each batch centered around a seasonal and local theme. Our first month, October, tackles the “abundant squash” challenge. Click here to print pdf of recipes or come into the store for copies.


photo of Judy O'Brien, Seattle CookJudy has been cooking avidly since she was a young child growing up in a Jewish household. There seems nothing much she doesn’t like to cook, describing Italian, Asian, Jewish, Mediterranean, and Mexican as a few of her favorite cuisines, and baking as a particular passion. She lives in Seattle, but has lately adopted Chimacum as a favorite place to explore with her husband, Dan O’Brien, who is a master butcher at Seattle’s Metropolitan Market. Cooking is where Judy finds herself most creative. “It’s my art” she tells me.

In choosing recipes each month, Judy’s emphasis is going to be on simple seasonal dishes made with straightforward easily obtainable ingredients.  Despite being married to an accomplished butcher, the majority of her recipes will usually be vegan. The plan will be to post them on the website and also to provide printed copies in the store.

The recipes this month include “Wheat Berry and Apple Stuffed Delicata”, “Butternut Caponata”, “Delicata and Chickpea Hummus”, and “Roasted Butternut Soup with Coconut”. Mmmm MMMM!  Be sure and check them out as there are some surprising twists such as cocoa in the caponata!

Photo of Thelma Sanders squash and Louise, the hen

Thelmas and Louise. (Louise, when not inspecting squash, resides at Plum Serenity Farm in Chimacum and works laying eggs for Chimacum Corner Farmstand)


But enough about Judy. Let’s talk about Thelma (Missouri farmwife of yore), or more specifically, Thelma Sanders — Rob Story’s personal favorite squash variety (which explains why we have so much of it in the store). Rob is onto something here as it is an heirloom, wonderfully flavored with hints of sweet potato and chestnut. It looks like a light colored acorn squash, is ideal for stuffing, and can be substituted for any recipe that calls for Delicata or Acorns. Farmers are fond of it because of its vigorous growth and long storage resiliency. Thank you Thelma!

And THANK YOU JUDY!  Happy Squash Eating to All!

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  1. Thank you so much for the recipes………and for being the amazing presence that you are. I don’t get out to Chimacum often – but when I’m headed that way I LOVE to stop. If I have a friend with me, you are part of my grand tour.

    Take good care amongst this beautiful fall,