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September “Small Potatoes”
August 29th, 2011 by Katy McCoy

By Katy McCoy

A grab bag of store announcements:

Chimacum Corner Food Cart Update:  Cape Cleare’s Friday salmon cart is sadly done for the season, but we hope to see them again next spring.  Dented Buoy claims it is “peak pizza season” and therefore they won’t be able to be at the corner for the next 2-3 weeks, but then will resume on Tuesdays.  Rosa and her Taco Truck will continue on “most” Mondays.  Come October, we welcome a new cart, “Zoog’s Caveman Cookin”, that plans on BBQing at the corner year-round on Saturdays – yay!  On Sundays at the Chimacum Farmers’ Market, look for several food carts including Metro Bagels, Mama’s Harvest Tamales, Zoog’s BBQ, Gypsy Java, and on some weekends, Mystery Bay Seafood.  I’ll try to keep the food cart schedule (click food cart widget to the right) current, but this is a small town and everyone’s hours seem a bit “fluid”.

Chimacum Farmers Market:  Speaking of “fluid hours”, Will tells me the market may be staying open an extra hour on Sundays until 3 at least for the next 3 weeks or so.  For whatever reason (the economy?), business at Jefferson County’s farmers markets has decreased this summer.  Let’s all make an effort to reverse this trend the next few weeks.  Local produce is at it’s glorious peak right now, so indulge and make up for that horrid spring we had!

Lindsay’s Inventory Update:   Lindsay is excited to see fall around the corner.  When it comes to food, fall brings on some of the most prized and heartwarming gems of the year.  She invites you all to join her at the Corner, roll up those down jacket sleeves, grab a hot cider from the deli, and chat about what’s for dinner.  “Careful”, she says, “You May just leave with my Lohipiirakka recipe!”  Here’s her list of “Changes around the Corner”:

  • New Cucina Fresco fresh pasta and pasta sauces
  • New fresh and frozen breads including Bob’s sourdough pizza dough, filo dough, puff pastry and gluten free bakery
  • Delicious morning pastries from Pane d’ Amore – danish, croissant and cinnamon rolls
  • Beans and rice bar…stay tuned!
  • Feel like spramping up? We’ve got razors made from yogurt containers! toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and awesome soaps, lotions and shampoo from Bunny’s Bath
  • Like your libations? new beers and wine weekly, plus look out for Oregon sake


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