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Now Taking Thanksgiving Orders!
October 28th, 2014 by Katy McCoy
Cartoon of Cracker with a turkey tail announcing Thanks giving orders

ORDER UPDATE: We have extended the order deadline to 7pm, Friday, November 21! Also, if you want only veggies or only a turkey you can stop in a buy them separately. We have sold out of heritage birds and are running low on organic birds but still have plenty of 14-16 and 16-18 lb natural turkeys. Don’t miss out!

It’s that time of year again — time to get your turkey and local Thanksgiving veggie order in! Order forms are now available in the store and are downloadable here. Relax, knowing that the best local organic vegetables and right-sized natural turkeys will be reserved for you. If you’re picking up close to Thanksgiving, we’ll make sure that any appropriate defrosting is well under way. Get your order in before closing time, Sunday, Nov 16th, and tell us whether you want to pick up the 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, or 26th.

The earlier you get your order in, the better, as there are a limited number of turkeys, and the farmers much appreciate advance warning as to how much to harvest/pack.

This year you can choose between natural free-range, certified organic, and certified organic heritage turkeys coming from Diestel and Mary’s Turkeys, both from California. All of the turkeys will be free of hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives. They’re all raised on 100% quality gluten-free vegetarian diets, allowed to mature (live twice as long as conventionally raised birds), plus get to roam a much bigger area. These methods make not only “happier” turkeys, but turkeys with a better taste and texture.

In scanning the veggie offerings, about 90% will be coming form our local farms. Pretty darn special — we are indeed lucky to be able to eat like this!

We will not be taking orders for baked goods (other than Pane d’Amore stuffing mix), but check out our updated “PIE INFO” guide to see who all would love to cook something up for you. If you’re up to making the filling but daunted by the pastry bit, we will be selling frozen pie crusts.

On that note, we once again thank you profusely for your patronage and support. It takes a community, and in that regard we are blessed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

2 Responses

  1. Rustam Muratdinov says:

    I am interested in to order a fresh turkey. I need it to be organic, halal or kosher. Can it be done? I can pick up at any time, and can help to make it halal.

    Thank you for consideration.


    • So sorry we didn’t see this sooner. Do you still need an organic turkey? If so, and can you call the store 360-732-0107 and ask to speak with John? He’s handling the turkey orders.