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Meet your Meat Farmer – Westbrook Angus
November 6th, 2015 by Katy McCoy

By Jenna Dern 

What do you get when you mix Julie and Chuck Boggs, purebred Registered Black Angus cattle, a majestic one-of-a-kind view of Chimacum Valley, and stir over several decades? WESTBROOK ANGUS! The West Valley Road farm, which they call home is where Julie grew up; Chuck’s family has lived here seven generations and Julie six generations. WestBrook Angus currently has a herd of 65 Black Angus cattle they raise on 300 acres (40 of which they own and another 260 leased – most of which were used by Julie’s family for generations).
The cattle are raised completely free of antibiotics and hormones on grassy pastures, with supplemental hay they grow and cut for the wintertime. These healthy high quality animals are humanely raised and processed locally with great care.

WestBrook Angus’s mission is to raise competitive, high quality breeding and show animals through genetic selection via artificial insemination. The herd started to grow when their children bought a PureBred Angus Heifer (a young female cow) to begin participating in 4-H’s Animal Programs and joining the Junior Angus Association, showing the cows at fairs throughout the northwest. As they aged and decided to move away from the farm, Julie and Chuck took over caring for the animals and continued stewarding their lands. Chuck and Julie respectively had off farm careers to feed their passions and support their family. Chuck who now focuses on infrastructure projects, equipment maintenance most especially making sure those fences are fixed use to work in the bulk fuel business and for the Chimacum Fire Department for over 25 years. Julie whose passion is ignited working in the barns and pastures with the cows, was a school bus driver more than three decades.

Julie’s dedication to quality in both the raising of purebred Black Angus led her to the Board of the Puget Sound Meat Producers Cooperative (PSMPC), a non-profit cooperative of local ranchers and farmers among others who help to manage the operations of the mobile, USDA-inspected meat processing unit. The unit processes an animal and then transports the animal’s carcasses to cooperative partner cut and wrap facilities for further process and packaging. This is vital for all livestock producers on the Olympic Peninsula because it provides them with the ability to sell their products to local restaurants and retail store like the Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

How were you able to do this and sustain yourselves since you were married 45.5 years ago? “Piece by piece it comes together” is how Chuck describes all the hard labors and joyous hours went into making WestBrook Angus what it has become today and may be tomorrow. We agree that Julie and Chuck Bogs are deeply committed and connected to ‘here’ and we are grateful to have them in our community!