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July 2 Interdependence Day Bash a Big Success
July 6th, 2011 by Katy McCoy
photo of Julie and David scooping ice cream

Post #19 by Katy McCoy

Wow, even the sun showed up! That and close to 400 attendees (we know because Julie and David of Elevated Ice Cream gave away that many free ice cream cones – no one got turned away).  Thank you Elevated! And for all of you who now want seconds on ice cream, we sell whole quarts of Elevated in many flavors.

With any luck next month, we may also be selling scoops of Elevated ice cream inside the store. May the lines be as long!

Thanks also to our wonderful food carts: Rosa’s Tacos, Mystery Bay Seafood, Dented Buoy Pizza, Bob’s Bagels, and Mama’s Harvest Tamales.  Everything tasted great and we appreciate your generosity, pricing everything at $5.

photo of food carts in the sun

Thanks to The Pitfalls for inaugurating the new stage.  You rocked and we especially liked your adaptation of Neil Young’s “Cinnamon Girl” – “CHIMACUM GIRL”!   As it should be.

photo of the Pitfalls performing

Thank you Tassie for your adorable goats and bunnies, and thanks also to the brown goats for adding to the excitement.

photo of kids petting Tassie's Bunniesphoto of Tassie's goats

Thank you Giving Circle for helping us create this community gathering space.  The garden glowed in the sun.

photo of herb garden beds

Thank you Heidi for your lemonade stand.  Beautiful and tasty drinks.  Hard to believe that was your first go at it!

photo of Heidi and her lemonade stand

Thank you Phil for taking the Chimacum Group photo.  Click here for a 7 MB version of the photo.

Chimacum Community Photo beneath signage "Eat your FOOD FROM HERE!"

And a special big thanks to all of you for attending!

photo of people talkingphoto of finnriver galsphoto of Sandy and Roger Shortphoto of Bruce and Mikephoto of Phil and Clayphoto of long ice cream linephoto of customers in store