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“ICE CREAM PARLOR” Opening in Chimacum!
June 15th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker longingly eyeing chocolate chip bits in a bowl of elevated ice cream

By Katy McCoy Yes it’s true and just in time for summer – hand scooped ice cream!  Assuming John can get the maze of required sinks and drains all hooked up, the Corner will be scooping Elevated ice cream as of June 21.  That is June 21 at 11 am!  The hours for the ice cream scoop case (at least to start with) will be 11am -7pm daily. We are setting up our old cash register at the scoop counter and will be able to ring up scooped ice cream purchases if paid with cash or check.  If you have other purchases including other forms of ice cream or if using a credit/debit card, you’ll have to pay at one of our other 2 cash registers (again, at least to start with). David and Julie McCulloch of Elevated Ice Cream have been making and serving ice cream in Port Townsend since 1972.  Read the in-depth producer profile the “Chronicle” ran last year about this dynamic duo and their operation.  The profile is already outdated in one respect though, and that is that it doesn’t mention the chocolate factory (yes, CHOCOLATE FACTORY!) that they have recently bought and are in the process of moving to PT!  (Julie and David are currently unavailable for comment as I’m told they are at a “chocolate convention” in San Francisco, but we’ll definitely be doing further investigation on this breaking story.) 130 of you took the “Urgent Ice Cream Survey” and helped us pick the Elevated flavors.  Curious what this progressive quirky community picked as their top 3 flavors? Well, turns out… chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  And so Blind Love, vanilla and strawberry it will be along with 5 other flavors, one of which will always be dairy-free.  (The full poll results are available if your are interested). There are other local ice creams besides Elevated that the “Parlor” will be promoting including Whidbey Island Ice Cream bars, which, get this… are made in 35 flavors!  Might be time for another ice cream poll and another producer profile.  Personally, I’m plugging for peanut butter ice cream dipped in chocolate. We’ll be moving our upright ice cream freezer from the back of the store up front, next to the scoop counter.  No longer will the containers of ice cream have to share precious shelf space with bread and frozen fruit.  We’re talking top to bottom “wall of ice cream” including many delicious flavors of Viking Feast Ice Cream made in Poulsbo by Asta Gunnlaugsdottir and Thormod Skald, recent transplants from Iceland.  Their secret ingredient: Icelandic Skyr (similar to a non-fat strained yogurt, but technically a fresh acid-set cheese). This is getting awfully long for an ice cream post.  See you June 21!  At 11 am!

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One Response

  1. Ali Dyche says:

    We are very impressed with the Chimacum Corner Farmstand and all it has become! It was a wonderful bonus birthday gift for me(I’m 11/23)when you opened and we held our breath in anticipation as we watched you grow!

    We were happy to donate what we could to help the store grow and thrive; to become friends of Cracker and the rest of you! Now, on the day of our 13th wedding anniversary, you will have Elevated Ice Cream!!!! How AWESOME is that?!?!?

    Thanks for picking our community to help enrich!!

    Ali and Bruce Dyche