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Hot Soups Return to the Corner!
November 2nd, 2012 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker on the deli counter asking "Do I smell SOUP?"

Yes Cracker, soups at the Corner are back and this season there’s a new cook in the kitchen: Beth Johnson of In-Season Catering. We’re in for a treat, no doubt about it.

Beth has always loved food and has made a livelihood of it in Port Townsend the last 25 years. Many of us know her as the original inspiration behind the Cape Cleare Salmon Cart sandwiches. Others know her through her extensive catering at weddings, bat mitzvahs, and a myriad of events supporting local non-profits and other organizations. Some of us are partial to her line of jellies and chutneys which we’ll have well stocked at the Corner in time for the holidays.

Now we’re going to get to know her through her soups, an undertaking she is very excited about. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest and lived many years in Alaska, she is naturally drawn to hearty warm dishes, i.e. SOUPS – something she doesn’t get to make often in the catering world. When asked what sorts of foods most inspire her, she first starts talking about organic local ingredients, then quickly gets into “adventurous preparations” such as Southeast Asian cooking, something else she doesn’t get to prepare often in the catering world. But soups…. 100% pure hearty adventure, now yours at the Corner.

Come on in and pick up a hot cup or bowl today.  We’ll be selling Pane d’Amore 7 grain Hearth Rolls and Anca’s savory scones on the side.  Mmmmmm, mmmmmhhh!

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