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Happy Holidays! Need Gift Ideas???
December 12th, 2013 by Katy McCoy
Staff Holiday Photo

Whatever your rituals/choice of sweater attire/frame-of-mind come December, the Corner wishes ALL of you and your loved ones the very best. You are simply the greatest community ever!

We’re here to help you navigate this month’s challenges, whether you need food and brew for entertaining, gifts for giving, or merely a midday hot soup to warm those chilly bones.

No surprise that we think “Food and Drink from Here” make the best gifts. Besides pleasing and nourishing the lucky recipeient, they sustain our local farmers and producers while honoring dear Mother Nature.

To that end, we’ve got gift baskets for you to fill. We had hoped to have the pictured alcohol carriers to hold any selection of wine, cider or “bomber” (22 oz bottle of beer), but the wrong size arrived today (Yes Friday the 13th). Bah Humbug. Hopefully we’ll have “Bomber Boxes” by next week. In the meantime, if you select skinny bottles…..


Can’t decide between a basket or box, let alone what to fill it with? Consider a gift certificate. Any amount, no expiration date, no plastic.


Food and drink are great, but rather give a gift adorned with Cracker, our hard-working idealistic “can-do” mascot? Lots to choose from. New this month: farmer hoodies, infant onesies, “Good Morning” diner mugs, BIG MOUTH drinking jars, oh, yeah — and Cracker’s own EURO sticker. Or stick with the classics: the “small town BIG IDEAS” mugs, trucker hats, tees, yardsticks, and totes.

If we haven’t exhausted you yet, there’s more — farm themed calendars, locally made wreaths, chicken prayer flags, and the list goes on. Best you stop by and peak for yourself.

On that note, this post needs wrapping and shipping. We wish everyone in our beloved Corner Community the very best!

With gratitude and love,

The Corner

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