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FROM HERE TO THERE: Fresh Food Delivery
June 15th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker driving the Corner's new delivery vehicle, a 59 Chevy panel truck

By Rob Story, General Manager

What a blessing it is to live and work in an agricultural region where there is such an abundance of fresh food and community interaction. We are very excited as the food abundance of the 2012 season approaches with increasing vigor and delicious fresh foods to enjoy

Later this month we will begin delivering fresh organic fruits and vegetables, local meats and cheeses and other select items to nine* pick-up locations in King, Kitsap and Jefferson counties!

As the first step in the Food Hub distribution side of our work, we have absorbed the fruit and vegetable distribution business of All One Family Farm into CCF.   For those of you unfamiliar with All One Family Farm’s business you are in store for a treat for this is not just any fruit, or any vegetable or for that matter just any delivery service.

Think Sunkist, tree ripened cherries and peaches direct from the farm.  Think melons so sweet your teeth almost hurt or apricots so juicy your shirt gets stained.  For me, I think about the families who descend upon us at pick up and the young kids quivering with glee as they chomp down on fresh cherries with juice running down their chins.

For five seasons I had the full time pleasure to bring to over 300 families in 4 counties farm-direct, fully ripened and mature foods from caring farmers both east and west of the hills.  Somewhere between being a CSA, a mobile farmers marketand an old time delivery service, we (my daughters and I), from late June through Christmas, delivered an amazing array of products.

Now my beloved business AOFF has become part of CCF and we are poised to begin season number 6 with twice monthly deliveries from late June until at least the end of December!

As in past seasons we will be supplying top quality foods in bulk quantities at fair prices to our larger community.  There is no fee to join.  There are no commitments to purchase on a regular basis. It is really quite simple and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

By joining our email list you will receive notification when our web store is updated and ready for orders for each delivery cycle.  All you do is visit the store, check out what is available and place an order if you see something you like.  You’ll have the option to pay via Pay Pal or choose C.O.D and pay cash or check when your order arrives. We do the rest.

So whether you want 5 lbs of cherries, 200 lbs of apricots for canning, 100 lbs of San Marzano tomatoes, frozen pitted pie cherries or 4 lbs of Short’s Family Ground Beef you will find it here.

The All One Family Farm website will be updated shortly with pertinent details of the season as well as options to expand our service area if you are part of a buying club or other group.

So prepare yourselves for an inspiring adventure with us as we navigate Puget Sound in Fuerte, our mostly turquoise 59 Chevy Panel Truck delivering the goods.  Great food, great service, great community.  I guarantee it!

Once open, you can shop in the store by clicking here.

With gratitude,


* Pick-up locations include Woodenville, Mountlake Terrace, Kingston, 2 sites on Bainbridge Island, Chimacum, Port Townsend, Silverdale, and Bremerton.

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One Response

  1. Jean Clark says:

    Hi Rob,

    Darin and I are hosting a dinner fund raiser for the Kitsap Community Food Co-op at our place here in Bremerton next Friday the 31st from 7 – 9 pm. (I’m on the KCFC Board now!).

    We are planning to serve grilled peaches as part of our desert and wonder if you might consider donating a box? We need approximately 35 peaches. The timing of your delivery is perfect for our event.

    You can reach me via email or on my cell at 360-990-6067.

    Also – I was wondering if you are still donating a percentage to the co-op for those on your list who indicate they are part of the co-op?

    Thanks! Jean Clark