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Farmstand Recipient of $10,500 Grant!
April 16th, 2011 by Katy McCoy
presentation of giving circle grant money

Post #11 by Malcolm Dorn

It’s spring…. time to build a garden with major financial help from 13 local generous women. The Women Who Care Giving Circle has granted the Chimacum Corner Farmstand with $10,500 seed money to establish an educational program, with demonstration herb garden and greenhouse at the site.  Wendie Dyson has been hired as the coordinator for the project, which will run spring through late fall of this year.  She is planning a number of events and workshops throughout the season, including:

  • Plant propagation and starting seed flats
  • Composting 101
  • Container gardening
  • Culinary classes
  • Seed collecting
  • Saving Garden Crafts Pollinators (bees and butterflies!)
  • Garden Journaling and Creative Writing
  • Landscape Design …and more!

Joining with local schools, civic organizations and the Grange, it is our intention to strengthen the link between agriculture and education.  Many thanks to the visionary women of the Giving Circle for this opportunity to invest in the health of local agriculture and community.

For an in-depth article by PT Leader’s Jennifer Jackson about this grant and the “Women Who Care Giving Circle”, click here.

Watch for opportunities to attend one or more of the offerings this season!
Our first bed preparation and planting party is scheduled for Saturday April 30th at 1:30-4:30 pm. Mark your calendars and come join the fun!  View Invitation

3 Responses

  1. As a member of the Women Who Care Giving Circle, I am thrilled to see what and how you are doing! It is so great to see Chimacum Corner thriving once again!

  2. Patricia says:

    Well done. Happy for you for the seed money and to see the educational propagation.

  3. Pane d'Amore says:

    Congratulations! We love what you do already and are so excited that you are expanding!