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Corner Shares “Mooey Grande” Plans for 2012
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
Photo simulation of proposed life-size plywood cows grazing around "Welcome to Chimacum" sign

Encouraged by our success, steady growth, and customer enthusiasm, we are implementing several improvements in 2012 all of which will further our mission to support local sustainable agriculture. These are some of the exciting undertakings we are inviting you to help finance.

  1. In-store improvements including a second check-out station, ice cream scoop counter (yes, you heard that right!), new shelving and bulk facilities, improved ventilation, increased inventory, and more.
  2. Construction of a permanent covered front porch to shelter produce, provide seating, and to improve street appeal enticing new customers to stop and shop.
  3. Construction of a permanent covered back area to provide needed storage capacity as our volume and food hub activities increase.
  4. Establishment of wholesale relationships that will bring nourishing local food into our schools, hospital, resorts, restaurants, etc while finding new markets for our farmers.
  5. Collaboration with neighboring businesses of all stripes so as to fortify and enrichen our local economy.
  6. Creation of an online store which will expand the market reach of our farmers and producers.
  7. Beautification of “downtown Chimacum” with landscaping (oh yeah, and some “mooey” special plywood cows!)
  8. Ongoing marketing of our community and the marvelous food it creates.

image of proposed front porch and screened bard doors as seen from Hwy 19          image of proposed rustic style covered front porch

image of proposed landscaping          rendering of proposed community garden with greenhouse, seating, stage, food cart, and front and back additions along with landscaping


Ambitious plans, but all within our reach with your help.  The next post, “Corner Outlines Budget and Fun-raising Campaign!”, lays out our budget, our reasons for asking for donations instead of taking out a loan or becoming a non-profit, and the benefits of becoming a “Friend of Chimacum Corner” .

The 4 posts in order are . . .

1) Mission: Corner is on a Mission and Requests Your Help

2) Progress: Corner Reflects on Accomplishments 2010-Present

3) Plans: Corner Shares “Mooey Grande” Plans for 2012 (← you are here)

4) Action: Corner Outlines Budget and Fun-raising Campaign!

Just one more post to go . . .


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