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Corner Reflects on Accomplishments 2010 – Present
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
photos of vacant Chimacum Corner property in March 2010

From 2006 – 2010 a vacant gravel lot with a forlorn blue building for lease welcomed the 20,000 daily cars driving through Chimacum’s main intersection. In March of 2010, inspired by a passion for local food and urged on by neighborhood farms, Malcolm Dorn, Phil Vogelzang, and Katy McCoy leased the property with two goals:

1)   Relocating the Chimacum Farmer’s Market (run by Jefferson County Farmers Markets)

2)   Opening a small permanent farm stand focused on local products



In the sixteen months since opening, we’ve learned a lot and have come a very long way. We can now take pride in many of our accomplishments listed below:

photo of the outside of the store on a sunny day     photo of produce from Red Dog Farm for sale at Chimacum Corner Farmstand     photo of Open sign - "Kayla's pickles every lunch!"

1)   Built a retail grocery that is open 7 days/week and prioritizes selling and promoting local food through fair pricing, customer education, and creative advertising.

photo of Tassie, our assistant retail manager     photo of Logan and Jo on shift at Chimacum Corner Farmstand     photo of John working the cash register

2)   Provided employment and business training for impassioned people, young and old, seeking to do fulfilling work in this valley.

photo of Dharma Ridge Farm produce stand at Chimacum Farmers Market     photo of Java Gypsy coffee cart at Chimacum Corner Farmstand     photo of Sarah of Dented Buoy Pizza buying pizza toppings at Chimacum Farmers Market

3)   Hosted the successful Chimacum Farmers Market which has tripled in size since moving from its previous Grange location. We are looking forward to increased growth this summer.

photo of reader board detailing the food cart schedule     photo of John of Dented Buoy Pizza with his dented buoy oven!     photo of Rosa in front of her "Rosa's Mexican Food" truck

4)   Hosted several local food carts including Cape Cleare Salmon, Zoog’s BBQ, Rosa’s Tacos, and Dented Buoy Pizza.

photo of burned "Made in Chimacum" brand on Doyle's native bird boxes     photo of Felicia's Goat Milk Soap made in a custom Chimacum mold     photo of small town BIG IDEAS cup made my Millbrook Clayworks

5)   Worked with local talent to produce popular items such as Doyle’s Native Bird Boxes, Felicia’s Goat Milk Soap and Todd’s “Small Town Big Ideas” ceramic mugs.

photo of The Corner Chronicle website      photo of Chimacum Corner Newsletter     photo of Michele misting produce and visiting with customers

6)   Shared the story behind our fabulous farmers and producers with a broad community via an extensive website, our newsletters, and enthusiastic conversations within the store.

photo of local kid riding on father's shoulders in the community garden     photo of children petting baby goats next to herb garden in the Chimacum Community Garden     photo of people hanging out at Chimacum Corner Community Garden

7)   Built a Community Garden/gathering spot north of the store with grants from the “Women Who Care Giving Circle” and the “Master Gardeners”. In it’s first season the garden sponsored Master Gardener workshops, a Tri-Area Scavenger Hunt, and work parties during which volunteers built a greenhouse.

photo of Welcome to Chimacum sign     photo of iconic 12 foot rooster painted on the side of the Farmstand     photo of FOOD FROM HERE bandana listing farmers and foragers in our area

8)   Helped brand Chimacum and its surrounding area as a substantial and sustainable farming community.

photo of clerks and customers laughing at checkout counter     photo of 3 kids in store dressed up for Halloween     photo of customers gathering around the deli tables at Chimacum Corner Farmstand

Most importantly, “The Corner” has become a gathering place where neighbors meet up, visitors can run into friendly faces, kids can play and we all experience a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves.

We’ve heard it over and over — “You’ve put the heart back in Chimacum!”


Not bad for 2 years, but in most ways, we feel we’ve only just begun.  Be sure and read the next post: Corner Shares “Mooey Grande” Plans for 2012.

The 4 posts in order are . . .

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4) Action: Corner Outlines Budget and Fun-raising Campaign!

Thank you for hearing us out!


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2 Responses

  1. I am looking for information on the Sunday Farmer’s Markets. When do they begin and how do I secure a space? What is the cost?

    Thank You,
    Kelly Brebberman

    • Katy McCoy says:

      The first market is Sunday, May 20th. I’ll forward your question to Will O’Donnell who runs the Jefferson County Farmers Markets and to Rob Story, our general manager. Thanks Kelly!