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Corner Prepares to Expand Nursery Offerings
January 14th, 2014 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker getting Corner ready for gardening season

It may only be mid-January with football matters still pressing, but… allow us to water (just a bit) your dormant gardening fantasies. At the Corner, we’re making preparations for our biggest offering of nursery supplies ever. Every year since opening, our local organic plant and seed offerings have expanded, but this spring (our 4th) the nursery business has aggressively taken root and threatens to get downright “weedy”! A quick rundown of what’s germinating:

Local organic plant starts: Similar to last spring, we’ll be offering a wide array of organic vegetable, herb and ornamental flower starts from Midori and Red Dog farms. This year however, we’re looking at a longer season starting in April and running through early October. Our latest porch addition gives us improved sun protection and space for additional plants.

Local organic seeds: We thought it was impressive having two full lines of organically homegrown seeds from Oatsplanter Farm and Seed Dreams, but this year a third organic seed producer has moved to Eaglemount from the Portland area and has begun production. Called DaggaWalla, they specialize in medicinal and flowering tobacco plants. Word just in that Oatsplanter seeds will be arriving next week!

Local perennials: Last year we dipped our toe into perennials, but this year with so many local growers, we’ll be taking the plunge both in early spring (late Feb/early March) and late fall. Plants will come from Foxglove Greenhouse in Kingston, Vinland Nursery in Quilcene (Japanese Maples), and new this year – Landmark Orchards on Marrowstone. Besides 5 varieties of lavender, a penstemon that blooms all winter, and many other drought/deer resistant varieties, Landmark Orchards will be growing us bulbs!

Bulk soil amendments: As we speak, Rob is building our new bulk rack for between 8-12 high quality soil amendments. Something for every dirt desire, including a new custom “Chimacum Blend” organic fertilizer formulated especially to augment our beloved Semiahmoo Muck. Buy only the amounts needed.

Stacks of assorted 40 pound bags: Organic potting soil, Short’s Magical Dirt, composted chicken manure, and “Nutri-Rich”, an all-purpose organic fertilizer.

As we get closer to spring, we’ll be writing more, but this should get you started down that garden path.

Oh yeah, “GO SEAHAWKS!”