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Corner Outlines Budget and Fun-raising Campaign!
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker suggesting you can "Eat Your Greens and Have Them Too!"

That’s the beauty of sustainable agriculture and why it makes sense to invest money and energy on “FOOD FROM HERE”. The investment continues to grow and produce. Besides, what could be more fun and tasty?

You are now familiar with our mission, our accomplishments, and our plans for the coming year. We’ve stated that we need to raise $130,000, and in this final post, we explain why this “for-profit” business is choosing to ask for donations before taking out a loan. We also touch on why we’ve chosen a “for-profit” model rather than becoming a non-profit.  Finally we will address the levels of donation and the perks of becoming a “Friend of Chimacum Corner”.

First the budget:

  • Operational losses in 2012 before the Corner starts breaking even: $25,000 (these are mainly attributed to upfront investment in training personnel)
  • Interior Improvements:$20,000
  • Exterior Improvements (including landscaping): $40,000
  • Expanded community outreach and engagement (including online store): $25,000
  • Inventory expansion: $20,000
  • TOTAL $130,000

Why is a “for profit” asking for community capital?

Suggestions from customers led us to consider this course.

Up until now we have not accepted gifts (other than our 2 Community Garden grants), but consistent offers and admonitions of “Be sure and ask us for help!” have prompted us to consider financing our endeavor in this new way. Many care deeply — they share our vision and want to share the burden.

Though historically unconventional, this attitude is becoming more common.  As a society we are waking up to the importance of creating robust local economies that encourage financial stability, but ultimately honor the people and land. Some folks call this the “triple bottom line”.  When measured using these values, the Corner pays off in healthy dividends.

We also know very clearly the greater value that comes to a community through group action. Before borrowing capital we are offering you the chance to participate.

Why don’t you become a non-profit?

In many ways our goals align more closely with those typically found in non-profits, and it’s possible that we may consider such a route in the future.  Currently however, we’ve got a leadership team assembled that is working effectively and decisively. Things are moving forward at a fast clip and we hate to rock the boat.  Our almost-profitable “for-profit” is working for us (and we think for you!)  At this point all we need is a little neighborly boost to get us to sustainability.

We hope you see the value in investing in this important mission and feel trust in us to deliver big payback to our community.

photo of "Friend of Chimacum Corner" membership card

Benefits of Becoming a “FRIEND OF CHIMACUM CORNER”

  • For gifts of $100 or more you will become a card-carrying “Friend of the Farmstand”. Friends will be invited to monthly 5% discount days and receive regular surprises with each newsletter sent by Cracker our resident chick. (We hear he has a penchant for giving away free fresh farm eggs!)
  • For gifts of $500 or more you will get a personalized honorary mug handmade by Todd that will hang on our “thank-you wall” and be fillable always with free coffee.
  • For gifts of $5000 or more you become “family” and will receive invitations to “family only” gatherings centered around local food. Family members are loved and listened to no matter their opinions and eccentricities.

How to give:

  • Checks can be made out to Chimacum Corner Farmstand and mailed to Chimacum Corner Farmstand, Attn: Fundraising, PO Box 8, Chimacum, WA 98325
  • You can stop by the store and pay with a check, cash or credit card.
  • Or you can pay below securely online.

Thank you so much for your consideration. We value your patronage immensely whether or not you choose to contribute.  Please feel free to ask any of us questions.


If you have not read the previous 3 posts regarding our mission, accomplishments to date, and our exciting plans, we encourage you to do so!

The 4 posts in order are . . .

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You are now done reading. That means it is time to consider contributing . . .  Eat your greens and have them too.



Thank you for contributing to the “Friends of Chimacum Corner Fund”

Make a secure donation using
Visa, Mastercard, AmExpress,
Discover card, or PayPal.
You’re a true FRIEND!

(Because we are not a 501(c), your contribution is not tax deductible.)

One Response

  1. Hey Friends…I would encourage the consideration of the new (to WA State) business model of L3C…it is basically a for-profit business with a social enterprise. If you are on LinkedIn, you can follow the discussions in the L3C group. Another supportive source of information is The Stanford Social Innovation Review which also has a group on LinkedIn and Facebook…so happy to see this happening.

    You can count on my contribution and support.

    Warm Regards to Malcolm, Katy and Phil plus all the beautiful souls who work at ‘the Corner’..

    Kristina aka Kris