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Corner is on a Mission and Requests Your Help
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy

And what is this mission? Simply put, it is:

“Creating economic prosperity in our community through local agriculture, a culture of teamwork, and a vibrant food distribution system.”

In other words connecting farmers, producers and consumers. You, our forward-thinking generous community, have already laid the groundwork by conserving farmland and buying local. We are asking you to help take this mission to the next level as we connect our local bounty to many more awaiting dinner plates. With our success, meaningful jobs are created, we eat like royalty, our land is well stewarded, and the peninsula gains food security.

We have reached a critical point in our journey since opening in November, 2010.  Steady growth and community support propel us forward.  We have recently extended our lease and as the busier season fast approaches, preparatory improvements are necessary including modest structural improvements and inventory expansion.

drawing of plans depicting proposed store improvements

Although the store numbers are all trending towards profitability, fresh capital is needed to further the mission and carry the store to this next exciting level of excellence. To date, the three owners (Malcolm Dorn, Phil Vogelzang, and Katy McCoy) have solely financed the Corner. Now they are asking for your help.

It is in response to generous community offers, inquiries and recommendations that we are kicking off a community-based capital campaign as an initial way of financing our next step.

In total, we need $130,000. Inspired individuals can become an official “Friend of Chimacum Corner” with any gift of $100 or more. Once a friend, “Cracker” (our store mascot chick) will take extra special care of you. A few hundred “Friends” can help us reach this goal and help make this place the rich community we long for.


Before you consider your response however, we encourage you to read further, starting with the next post: Corner Reflects on Accomplishments 2010-Present.

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Thank you for caring!


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