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Corner Gets Caffeinated with Three Local Roasters
January 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy

It’s arrived – our new coffee grinder that’s located in the deli for everyone to use.  In celebration the Corner is marking all coffee beans 10% off the week of Jan 11-17.  And what a selection of beans we have! We may be rural, but there’s no shortage of small batch roasters in our locale to choose between, and we carry a full line from each. Sunrise Coffee and PT Coffee Roasting Company (both of Port Townsend) and Princess Valient Coffee (of Port Angeles) spoil us with their great tasting socially responsible beans.  Read further to learn about our 3 local roasters and our exclusive Chimacum Corner blends.


Port Townsend Roasting Company

When Michael LeDonna ran a series of cafes in Vermont and Rhode Island, he was very particular about his coffee and always bought from this one Italian roaster in Brooklyn.  It wasn’t until he moved to the west coast however that he began roasting his own beans.  Four years ago he moved to Port Townsend and opened (along with his partner) the “Better Living Through Coffee” coffee shop as a way to showcase the coffee he was producing.  He roasts his small batches of coffee in a backyard shed during the evenings using only 100% fair trade organic beans.  Then several mornings a week he rises early to bake his delicious whole grain pastures and donuts.  If you haven’t been to “Better Living Through Coffee” for coffee, located on the waterfront in a charming building, you are in for a treat.

Check out their website for a full description of their six roasts.  In addition, Michael makes for us a seventh roast, “Chimacum Corner Farmstand” – a traditional French roasted classic Mocca Java blend of African and Indonesian coffees. It is a classic full body dark-roasted coffee with hints of chocolate. Michael points out that most Mocca Java blends are not dark or French roasted whereas this one is, making it somewhat unique.


Sunrise Coffee

Sunrise Coffee in Port Townsend has been roasting organic specialty coffee since 1985. Owner and roast master Sue Ohlson has kept her focus on roasting the finest organic beans available and delivering her local customers the freshest roasted coffee on the Olympic Peninsula. Sunrise Coffee can be found in local markets, restaurants and specialty shops from Port Townsend to Forks. Colorful labels based on paintings by Port Townsend artist Max Grover add a local touch and a unique visual personality to Sunrise Coffee.

When I asked Heidi, our “forager”, what I should say about Sue, she said one of her favorite things is that Sue delivers her coffee on a yellow bike wearing the best smile in town!

Sue also has developed for us a “Chimacum Corner Blend” –  a medium dark blend that combines rich earthy African beans with lighter, more fragrant Central American beans. It’s served at the Farmstand daily as our lighter roast option along with the PT Coffee Roasting Company’s darker option described above.   We encourage you to try them both!


Princess Valient Coffee

Princess Valient, the Corner’s newest line of coffee, is roasted by Denise Brennan in Port Angeles who has been roasting coffee since 2004.  Denise only uses quality Arabica beans and is not a fan of dark roasts – she feels a dark roast incinerates the flavor right out of the bean.  If you want a bold coffee, she suggests one of her beans with a heavy intense flavor.  Be sure and go to her extensive website where she describes all 14 of her coffees!  Although not all of her coffees are officially certified organic or fair trade, she makes a point of buying the greenest coffees available through respectable importers who are actively involved in helping coffee growing communities become self-sustaining.  We are selling her coffees in 1/2 lb packages which is a nice option for those of you wanting to buy smaller amounts.

Thank you for suggesting that we carry this!


Lighthouse Roasters Fine Coffees

Okay, there’ll be one more roaster starting this Saturday.  Some of you have been mail-ordering Lighthouse Coffee from Seattle’s Freemont neighborhood, and have requested that we carry this roaster too. We’ll give it a try. It’s all part of trying to find the best mix of inventory to serve you the best we can.

Happy sipping and tell us what you think!