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Chimacum Corner Website Goes Live!
February 23rd, 2011 by Katy McCoy

Post #5 by Katy McCoy

It has been a long time coming, but Chimacum Corner Farmstand now has a website featuring its very own community newspaper, “The Corner Chronicle”! Thanks goes to Danny McEnerney of Port Townsend’s Workin’ Man Creative for helping us build this highly customized fun website.  Danny has a fabulous design sense, lives by the motto “Keepin’ it Local”, and was a total pleasure to work with.

We hope that “The Corner Chronicle” can serve as a dynamic forum for East Jefferson County, helping to build community and local economy.  In addition, we hope the paper to reach outside of our community, and help put Chimacum on the map as a Washington destination area, known for its beauty, its preserved working farmland, and its bounty of superb edibles.

“The Corner Chronicle” is set up with “SECTIONS” as in a regular newspaper:

  • A—NEWSBLOG: In this section, our management staff will tell the story and news as it unfolds of this fledgling store – Chimacum Corner Farmstand.
  • B—EVENTS: Store and local community events related to food and farming will be listed here as they come up.
  • C—SPECIALS: Look here for a weekly posting on in-store specials.
  • D—FOOD: The food section will consist of 3 articles that will be published monthly on the 1st of the month.  Phil Vogelzang will write a monthly column profiling a local farmer or food producer.  Heidi Eisenhour will post a seasonal recipe that uses our local products to best advantage, including suggested accompaniments.  Camille Cody, farm intern, will be writing about what is in season and what the farmers are up to that month.
  • E—ASK TASSIE:  Tassie (one of our stellar clerks and farm intern on Springrain Farm) will be writing an advice column answering your pressing farm and food questions.
  • F—OP-ED PAGE: The community is invited to submit opinion pieces regarding issues pertinent to food and the welfare of our local community.  These will be published as they are submitted.
  • G—WANT-ADS: As a service to individuals in our community, 1-2 line classified ads will be posted as they are submitted and approved. Guidelines for those ads accepted will evolve with time and experience.

Phew!  It is will certain fear and trepidation we launch this.  Hopefully, I haven’t created a monster! Feedback is welcome!

One Response

  1. Danny says:

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this project!

    You guys got it “goin’ on” for sure. I’m excited to see the Farmstand become an icon of our area in the coming years.

    Good Luck!