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Chimacum, Washington, Wednesday September 19, 2018
“Tippy”, the haybale snowman, stands
December 3rd, 2010 by Katy McCoy
Tippy stands tall

Post #2 Katy McCoy It was Roger Short’s brainstorm last summer.  “Let’s build a snowman out of haylage bales this winter!  I’ll provide the marshmallows.”  A great festive idea in theory  (thank you Roger!), but making the darn thing stand turned out to be a challenge.  Not only does each marshmallow weigh 700 pounds, the bales are surprisingly fluid with a capacity to shift their center of gravity on impulse.  And did I mention how slippery they were?  And that we couldn’t do anything to perforate the plastic?

We started to build it by the front door to greet people, but soon realized it might not be safe to build beyond 2 bales (which to most eyes was too short and NOT snowman-like in appearance).  We next moved operations to the parking strip, but our first attempt ended badly when Tippy was found in the morning on the ground with his safety-cone nose crunched.  Ouch.  Management was ready to bag the whole endeavor, but Roger persevered and came up with an ingenious network of stays to support Tippy.  Lights and some warm-weather gear were the finishing touches.

Today, Tippy stands proud, smiling at the passing cars with his rakish arms outstretched in joy, wishing you all the best this holiday season.  Next year Roger promises new bales that are graduated in size.  As with most things at Chimacum Corner Farmstand, we are learning as we go!  A special thanks goes out to Asa, age 7, who so artfully drew Tippy’s expressive eyes.

Asa draws eyes for Tippy