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Whole Darn Party and Chicken Cross Road
June 28th, 2016 by Katy McCoy

It’s true. The 6th Annual Inter-Dependence Day Party this year on July 16th will take place across the street from the Corner at Finnriver Orchard! Cracker, the Corner Store mascot, is excited about the move and has agreed to answer a few questions.

Reporter: Cracker, please tell us what was going through your bird brain when you came up with this idea to move the party.

Cracker: Well, I’ve been crossing the road quite a bit since Finnriver opened their new tasting room and cider garden at the old Brown Dairy just across the street from us off Center. They’re calling it “Finnriver Orchard” as opposed to the original “Finnriver Farm” and it’s a fantastic spot. It’s clearly better suited for a party than the Corner ever was. I mean they have bathrooms, more parking, cover should it rain, a liquor license, a breathtaking view of the valley and a kid play area. The move only made sense and Finnriver was gracious enough to accept when we asked.

Reporter: Does that mean the Corner is no longer involved?

Cracker: Absolutely not! If anything the Corner is working harder than ever before to make it a great party. And yes, we will still be scooping FREE ice cream! In case you haven’t noticed, the Chimacum community is thriving these days and it only makes sense that the party evolve to include other businesses. Inter-Dependence Day has always been a party that celebrates community, recognizing that our collective strength and richness comes from all the individual parts working together.

Reporter: Have you asked other businesses besides Finnriver to get involved?

Cracker: Oh yes, and the response has been overwhelming. Just yesterday the Chimacum Fire Department confirmed that they will be bringing at least one and maybe 2 fire trucks! The Chimacum Cafe is going to help with the popcorn and there will be a bake sale to support the CHS band. Chimacum Creek Printing just printed up the event posters. Each business has something unique to offer.

Reporter: Besides the new location, how will the party this year differ from years past?

Cracker: For the most part it will be the same family-friendly event it has always been. Why change what works?!!! From 5-7 there will be live music, dancing, food carts, cider on tap, FREE ice cream, plus the fire trucks and general racing around the fields. The food carts so far include, Dented Buoy, Hama Hama Oysters, Mama’s Harvest Tamales, Mo’ Chilli BBQ, and Java Gypsy. From 7-9 the world’s sweetest bravest all-ages ever-heartwarming talent show takes place.

The big added attraction this year is that the Rose Theater and the PT Film Festival are going to set up a huge inflatable movie screen in the field at dusk and play BABE! Opening for BABE, WSU will premier their Farm Tour promotional “short” done in the style of a ‘50s horror film and starring Chimacum’s own talented Mr Roger Short.

Reporter: If I were so inclined, how do I sign up for the talent show?

Cracker: Sign-ups are posted now at the Corner, Finnriver, and Farms Reach or you can email Aba and she will sign you up. We just need your name, contact info, and tell us what your act is going to be.

Reporter: Any last words?

Cracker: Please carpool and think about bringing a blanket or lawn chair to watch the movie. You are welcome to bring your own picnic food to the event, but Finnriver’s license does not allow you to bring in your own alcohol. Also no smoking and no dogs. Hope to see you there!

Reporter: I’m coming!

Cracker: Oh, one other thing. The businesses are covering the cost of putting on the event, but we are going to try and raise funds for Chimacum School’s exciting new horticulture program. It would be great if each guest could contribute $5. Thank you so much!