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Reserve your Christmas Poultry
December 10th, 2016 by Katy McCoy

Perhaps, you need some help? Allow us to reserve you a special turkey or duck for your Christmas dinner.

Our ORGANIC free range turkeys from Mary’s in California have been raised humanely with access to the outdoors including shady spots where they can go about their natural behaviors. They are fed a vegetarian, gluten-free organic diet (no GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers) and are raised without hormones or antibiotics. USDA Organic, Non GMO Project Verified. Special Price $4.49/lb, 10-13lb and 16-17lb sizes available.

Having fewer guests this year and wishing there was a smaller bird, or just itching to try something different? What about a certified organic whole duck from Chimacum’s SpringRain Farm? Raised on pasture (with a sweeping view of the Olympics!), these happy ducks are easy to prepare and super tasty! Here is the Barefoot Contessa’s simple 5 star roasted duck recipe!. Special Price $8.99/lb, 3-4lbs each.

A general rule of thumb is to buy one pound of turkey per person. This will allow for a moderate amount of leftovers. Please call us at 360-732-0107 with any questions, and click here if you are interested in our recommended cooking instructions.

To reserve yourself a bird, visit or call the store (360-732-0107) and ask to speak to Jenna, or simply fill out the form below and Jenna will get back to you. Specify your desired pick-up date so we can begin the thawing for you.

Thank you so much for choosing to shop with us! May you and your loved ones have a wonderful Holiday season!

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ORGANIC Free Range Turkey - $4.49/lb

10-13 lbs16-17 lbs

ORGANIC SpringRain Free Range Duck - $8.99/lb

3-4 lbs

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Dec 20 (Tue)Dec 21 (Wed)Dec 22 (Thur)Dec 23 (Fri)Dec 24 (Sat)