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Now Taking Thanksgiving Bird Orders!
November 3rd, 2015 by Katy McCoy

Okay folks, it’s turkey time and this year we’re shaking things up a bit. First off, we’re only taking turkey orders this year, no veggie orders. There will be abundant local produce, so no worries about us running out! Secondly, to better align our practices to our values, we’re transitioning towards selling only organic turkeys. (”Transitioning” means this year we do have a limited number of natural turkeys to sell).

Our organic turkeys come from Mary’s in California. These turkeys have been raised humanely with access to the outdoors including shady spots where they can go about their natural behaviors. They are fed a vegetarian gluten-free organic diet (no GMOS, pesticides or chemical fertilizers), and are raised without hormones or antibiotics. $4.49/lb ranging in size from 8-20 lbs.

Our natural turkeys come from both Mary’s and Diestel in California. They are raised the same as the organic turkeys, but are not fed a certified organic diet. The majority of these turkeys have been in a deep freeze since late 2014 (quality uneffected), and we are offering them at a great price. $2.49/lb ranging in size 12-18 lbs, selection limited.

UPDATE NOV 8TH: We are down to a small handful of Natural Turkeys which most likely will be reserved by the end of the day. If you are interested in reserving a natural turkey, call the store NOW instead of using the form below. Thanks!

UPDATE NOV 10TH: We are sold out of natural turkeys, but still have a great selection of the organic birds. 

A general rule of thumb is to buy one pound of turkey per person. This will allow for a moderate amount of leftovers.

To get your name on the turkey of your choosing, you can either pick up an order form in the store, print one up yourself, or simply fill out and submit the form below. Please call us at 360-732-0107 with any questions! We thank you and appreciate you being a vital part of the Corner community!

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ORGANIC Free Range Turkey - $4.49/lb

8-10 lbs10-12 lbs12-14 lbs14-16 lbs16-18 lbs18-20 lbs

NATURAL Free Range Turkey - $2.49/lb (limited supply)

12-15 lbs15-18 lbs

Preference Time for Pickup

Nov 21 (Sat)Nov 22 (Sun)Nov 23 (Mon)Nov 21 (Tue)Nov 21 (Wed)