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Looking For Betty MacDonald
December 17th, 2016 by Katy McCoy

It’s been close to 90 years since Betty MacDonald’s brief stint as an egg farmer here in unsuspecting Chimacum. Young, pregnant, and poorly married, she gave it her valiant best, but didn’t last long before hightailing it back to Seattle.
Two decades later, “egged” on by her sister and a creative writing class, she put her humorous egg farming memories to paper and called it “The Egg and I”.

Her timing was fortuitous. It got published just as WWII ended when the world craved a good laugh and Betty’s fictionalized Chimacum tales hit a funny bone. “The Egg and I” became an instant bestseller, got translated into 20 languages, sold a bazillion copies and has never gone out of print. Fred MacMurray and Claudette Colbert starred in the “Egg and I” movie while Betty went on to write several more books including the much beloved “Mrs. Piggle Wiggle” children’s books. Her success had its road bumps however when people began to connect the dots between her popular Chimacum country bumpkin characters (Ma and Pa Kettle) and the real Chimacum folk that inspired them. Legal suits pursued.

Fast forward to today and the world craves a definitive Betty MacDonald biography. Lucky for us, we’ve got it! Paula Becker’s hot-off-the-press and well-reviewed biography, “Looking for Betty MacDonald”, finally gives us the fascinating story behind this complicated and talented NW writer.

Buy your signed copy at the Corner and don’t you dare miss Paula Becker’s slide show and talk Thursday, Nov 3rd, 6:30 at the Jefferson County Library in Hadlock.