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Chimacum, Washington, Thursday November 23, 2017
A Quimper Guide to Holiday Potlucks
November 11th, 2017 by Katy McCoy

The darker days are upon us, and inevitably the colder and wetter ones too. What makes all these changes seem more endurable are the food-centered holidays with their heart and belly-filling opportunities to commune around good food. Food that’s worth celebrating.

We’ve got loads of ideas to minimize those head-scratching moments when you’re invited to bring a dish to what we hope is one of many fun potlucks this holiday and winter season.

If you’ve got time to run to the store and grab things, but none for preparation, baking or stewing — easy-crackers and cheese!

Highly recommended for crackers are 8 Arms Community Bakery’s Sunflower Soda or Spicy Polenta paired with Mt. Townsend’s Trufflestack — a soft-ripened cheese infused with black truffle oil. If you want to heap even more crackers and cheese on that same board, try Livin’ Spoonful’s Kale Crackers and Point Reyes Original Blue cheese.

A simple salad needs no more than Midori’s spinach topped with Cape Cleare’s kippered salmon, Black Sheep’s fresh milk cheese or a perfectly ripened avocado. Sprinkle on some toasted pumpkin seeds, Pane d’Amore’s stuffing mix turned croutons or dried cranberries for added color and crunch.

Prefer to bring something warm and cozy? As a salute to my Midwestern heritage, I recommend a wild rice pilaf complete with local leeks or shallots, mushrooms, a heavy pour of Fresh Breeze’s whipping cream, fresh cranberries and perhaps some hazelnuts sprinkled on top. Oh, and lots of butter.

If show-stopping dishes are your forte, look no further than SpringRain’s ducks. Hyperlocal, all organic, pasture-raised and respectfully processed, these beauties need nothing fancy to enhance their flavor. Stuff with a variety of citrus (try mandarins and navels) and slow roast until golden. A great alternative to the turkey tradition for this year’s “Friendsgiving”.

Don’t overlook libations as a potluck option either. Any of the previous dishes would pair effortlessly with Domaine des Cassagnoles de Gascogne, a zippy French wine and one of our most popular alcoholic offerings.

Finally, if you prefer to be more spontaneous with your food-sharing endeavors, just head to the Corner and trust your muse. Inspiration will not be hard to come by within the creative and consciously considered walls of the Corner Store.

Best wishes and enjoy the party!