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All-One-Family BULK FRUIT Update
June 11th, 2013 by Katy McCoy

Like to can? Wish you could buy flats of premium tree-ripened organic cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, canning tomatoes at affordable prices?  Let us tell you about All-One-Family BULK FRUIT…

“All One Family Farm” was for many years, a successful organic fruit delivery service run by our general manager, Rob Story.  Thanks to Rob’s discriminating standards and deep connections with several Eastern Washington small organic farms, the fruit and his service attracted a loyal and far-reaching following across many counties.

This will be Rob’s second summer at the Corner and we’re still trying to perfect how to best bring this wonderful organic fruit and cheerful service to our many customers, new and old. Last summer we tried continuing the delivery routes that Rob used to run, but sadly learned that this was not a financially or logistically practical model for the Corner.

This summer we’ll be forgoing the deliveries, and concentrating our energies instead on selling the fruits directly from the store.  This is bound to disappoint some and we apologize, but the good news is that the fruit will be as succulent and sweet as always.

We’ll be selling fruit by the pound and in flats. As you know, the advantages of flats (packed at the orchard) are that the price/lb is lower and the fruit has been handled less — important when you’re talking about juicy easily bruised tree-ripened stone fruits!  We’ll also continue to offer many selections of #2 fruits, which are a canner’s dream.

All-One-Family BULK FRUIT UpdatesWe’ll be doing our best to keep you abreast of which varieties are ripening when (and from where), plus we’ll be working on a streamline system where those that are interested will be able to pre-order flats for pickup.  Stay posted, and if you want to make sure that you are getting all of the fruit updates in addition to the general Corner newsletters, adjust your “subscription preferences” by clicking here.  We have added a new widget (pictured here) to the Corner’s website in the right column which you can always click to find the latest fruit news.

As always, we want to emphasize individual service and encourage anyone who wants to preorder or reserve flats, to email or call our produce department. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Year after year Mother Nature and the orchardists improvise a delicate dance that culminates in fruit at its finest.  The exact timing is never predictable. Rob visited the orchards last month and this year there have been colder than usual temperatures early in the season which required that the farmers stay up nights running heaters and blowers.  We so appreciate the orchardists’ effort and wait patiently for the unbelievable fruition of their labors!

And with that being said, dig out that cherry clafoutis recipe!  We’re expecting the first cherries to ripen and arrive late June….

3 Responses

  1. Laura Souza says:

    I am interested in Roma tomatoes to can. I bought three flats last year from World Peace Produce and these tomatoes were from Eastern Washington. They were good. Any chance of getting the same??

  2. Trish erickson says:

    Do you carry canning equipment? And crocks for making pickles? Thanks.

    • Rob says:

      Hi Trish-

      Thanks for your question. We do not carry any canning supplies.

      Have a great weekend.