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Chimacum, Washington, Tuesday October 16, 2018
3rd Annual Inter-Dependence Day Bash
June 6th, 2013 by Katy McCoy

It’s official. Clear the deck and get it on your calendar: July 6th, 5-9 pm, downtown Chimacum!*  Last year’s celebration was magical. This year we’re fine-tuning, but otherwise sticking with the tried and true formula: food and tunes 5-7, followed by a super special talent show 7-9.  (*at the Corner, of course!)

This year’s theme: “Meat you at the Corner!”, as we are putting together an extra special dinner featuring our fabulous local meats.

5-7 pm

CORNER BUFFET: A local meat BBQ BONANZA . From the outside grill, choose between a Westbrook Angus Burger, a Link Lab Brat made with Chimacum-raised Tamworth pork served with Midori Kraut, a hot dog (either a Shorts Family frank or a nitrate-free %100 grass-fed beef frank from the 3 Sisters Farm on Whidbey Island), or an Inter-Dependence veggie burger made for us by In-Season Catering, accompanied by fixings, sides, & a beverage. Beef burger, veggie burger or brat plate $10. Hot dog plate $5.

FOOD CARTS: In addition there will be 3 food cart options, Cape Cleare Salmon Wagon, Dented Buoy Pizza, and Mystery Bay Seafood along with Heidi’s special lemonade stand. Tough decision!


DINNER MUSIC: Returning again this year, everyone’s favorite jug band – The Crow Quill Night Owls. Last year we think we talked too much, this year we’re letting the tunes rip.

FREE ICE CREAM CONES: Yep you heard that right – it’s  an Inter-Dependence Day tradition.We’ll be scooping free Elevated Ice Cream cones from our newly remodeled ice cream parlor to the first 500!


7-9 pm

WORLD’S BEST TALENT SHOW: No question. Featuring amazing local acts of bravery and variety, emceed by the talented charming Miss Aba Kiser who is making a return trip all the way to Chimacum from the Big Apple. Not a competition — sign up at the Corner and get practicing!






3 Responses

  1. Gail Moa says:

    Any chance of buying a finely crafted beer to drink with our dinner?

  2. DARA GATES says:

    $ for veggie burger?
    Location? Chimacom Farm Stand?

    • Katy McCoy says:

      Yes, the grounds of Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

      The Veggie Burger plate is $10, same as the Hamburger and Brat Plates. Includes 2 side salads and a beverage. I’ll clarify that above. Thanks!