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Chimacum, Washington, Wednesday September 19, 2018
Chimacum’s Local Meat Locker the Envy of Many!
March 17th, 2011 by Katy McCoy

Post #6 by Katy McCoy

Chimacum Corner now has a dedicated 3 door meat freezer filled with choices of “Meat From Here”.  When one makes the choice to eat meat, one should ideally know where their meat comes from – what the animal was fed, whether it was treated with antibiotics or hormones, and whether the animal lived a humane natural life.  Currently we are offering ground pork from Nash in Sequim, a full selection of pork cuts from Wapanitia Farm in Oregon (our temporary choice until Pete Brackney of Wildwood Farm’s pigs are grown), organic lamb and chicken from Spring Rain Farm, and grass-fed beef from both Short’s Family Farm and Westbrook Angus.  We are indeed a lucky community.

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  1. Dianna Watenpaugh says:

    Hello.. i’m not crazy just asking a silly I’m trying to get ahold of Pete Brackney of Wildwood farms. I was in Jury duty with him and can’t find his email or phone.. Could you pass on my number or his to me please. 360-274-7277 thanks so much. New grandbaby and in need of his dilly beans…lol