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Chimacum, Washington, Tuesday September 18, 2018
Community Garden Update
July 30th, 2011 by Katy McCoy
photo of children petting goats in the Community Garden

by Wendie Dyson

What is the vision of the Chimacum Corner Community Garden? Our vision is to create a vibrant, outdoor community gathering space and classroom where people can connect to each other, the land, and their food. And, this vision is becoming real!

On June 14, 2011, a class of 25 Chimacum Elementary School students plus five adults planted two varieties of edible sunflower seeds at the garden site, which they plan to harvest this fall (if the birds don’t get to them first).
This field trip, with Sally Plaff’s class, was led by a volunteer, Michele Shoeman, who provided hands-on learning opportunities for the students, including how to safely use garden tools and definition sheets on various gardening vocabulary. They also had many laughs playing a pollination game.

At the end of June, Master Gardener, Dorian Curry, taught a modified double-digging technique. Visit our Facebook page for instructional photos. We prepared the end of one bed using this technique and then planted buckwheat seeds which are now coming up quickly. Don’t miss Dorian’s follow up class on soil composition in September, when the buckwheat will be turned into the soil.

photo of master gardener comparing soil types

Three sizeable picnic tables made by local craftsman, Doyle Yancey, were added to the Corner Garden in time for the popular July 2 Interdependence Day Party. The Corner Garden has become a popular hang-out spot for shoppers of the Chimacum Farmers Market, held every Sunday from 10 am – 2 pm through October.

photo of people enjoying Corner's picnic tables in the garden

And this August, it will serve as a gathering spot and outdoor classroom for the BrainStorm FieldCourse, an out-of-the-box, community-based, experiential education program for high school students focusing on the systems that feed us.

Coming up this August and September, the Corner Garden will be hosting free, hands-on gardening classes taught by Jefferson County’s Master Gardeners. Learn about pollinators, food preservation, composting, soil building, and the dividing of perennials in these one hour classes. Click here for the Garden Class Series schedule.

Follow us on Facebook for news about our upcoming workshop on how to build a low-cost hoop house in September and fun-filled Tri-Area Treasure Hunt in early October.

You can get ahold of me, Wendie Dyson (director) via Facebook, email, or by phone (360) 379-4718.