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Chimacum High Seniors Build a Bus Stop Bench
March 19th, 2011 by Katy McCoy
Chimacum Corner Bus Stop

Post #7 by Katy McCoy

Austin Johnson and Daryn Settlemeyer, 2 seniors at Chimacum High School, volunteered a total of 22 hours and built for all of us a beautiful new bench for the Chimacum Corner bus stop.  This was their senior community service project and we thank them profusely.  Look at it carefully, and you will notice that Austin and Daryn have carved various words into the wood.  The idea is to encourage others to carve their initials, proclamations of enduring love, or other inspired messages while waiting for the bus. Take the bus and check it out!

Any chance we entice a couple class of 2012 seniors to add a shelter this coming fall?  It’s so much nicer to carve when dry!