Our Local Farmers & Producers

What follows is a list of farmers, fishermen, foragers, and producers whose product we are currently selling in the store.  We expect the list to grow rapidly as we increase our inventory dramatically over the next 3 months in anticipation of a late spring “grand opening”.  If you have ideas of who you’d like to see on the list, or if we have inadvertently left anybody off, please e-mail us with your suggestions.



All One Family Farm is run by the Story family.  They supply fresh, fully ripened Certified Organic stone and soft fruits from family farms in eastern Washington with local delivery/pick-up throughout Jefferson, Kitsap and King Counties. They also use sustainable growing methods to cultivate tomatoes, garlic and winter squash in the fertile Chimacum Valley

Ananda Hills Farm & Fibers – owner Jenny Watkins raises Shetland sheep on this 5 acre farm on upper Beaver Valley. She also raises free range chickens for both meat and eggs along with organic vegetables and fruits.

BEE-IEIO Honey Farm is a small apiary in Chimacum, WA, producing local, unpasteurized honey, chunk comb honey, honey sticks, beeswax lip balm and beeswax solid lotion bars.  They are dedicated to finding and using the most natural and organic approaches available for keeping bees, thereby producing pure delightful honey the way the bees prefer it!  They also offer honey tastings and classroom, club or event visits with their observation hive – complete with live honey bees!

Colinwood Farm located in Port Townsend.  Colinwood, a Certified Organic farm, has been growing vegetables since 1989. A wide variety of vegetables are produced. Extensive use of 6 greenhouses allows production of vegetables year round.  They are known for their potatoes.  The farm is owned by John Gunning and managed by Jesse Hopkins.  They run a fabulous farmstand at their farm.

Compass Rose Farm, 40 acres, is located in the beautiful Discovery Bay watershed and is owned and operated by Kateen Fenter.  They raise lambs and grow vegetables, including a wonderful selection of herbs.

Dharma Ridge Farm is a 10-acre certified organic vegetable farm located about 6 miles south of Chimacum in the fertile Beaver Valley on the old Embody homestead.  Zach Wailand and Haley Olson, a husband and wife team, have been growing vegetables since 2003.  They are famous for their potatoes, carrots, parsnips, lettuce and beets, and take great pride in their tomatoes.  They run an active CSA.

Dungeness Valley Creamery Jeff and Sarah Brown have been running dairies since 1971.  In 1989 they moved to their current location on 38 acres of lush pasture near the historic Dungeness River in Dungeness WA near Sequim. In 1992 they built their current state-of-the-art facility and switched from Holsteins to Jersey cows for their richer milk.  In 2006 they broke their ties with Darigold and became a Certified Raw Milk Dairy.  Currently they milk 60 cows and sell their delicious milk unpasteurized and non-homogenized straight from the cow.

Finnriver Farm is a 33 acre Certified Organic family farm and artisan cidery located in Center Valley approximately 3 miles south of Chimacum Corner on a restored section of West Chimacum Creek. They grow an assortment of berry crops, and mixed vegetables, varied flowers, popular squash varieties, and several heirloom apple orchards. They produce wheat, buckwheat, oats and rye and offer a variety of organic stone-milled flours. They also keep honey bees, raise layer and meat chickens, and, sometimes, cows, pigs, sheep or goats. Their specialty however is an artisan cidery which produces a variety of organic hard ciders, desert wines and spirited beverages from fruit grown on the farm.

Midori Farm Farmers Hanako Myers and Marko Colby grow Certified Organic cabbage and a whole variety of root vegetables just outside Port Townsend.  They also grow garden starts and are especially known for their traditionally fermented sauerkraut and kimchi that they craft from their farm-grown produce.

Mystery Bay Farm is a family run, small-scale goat dairy on Marrowstone Island headed by Rachael Van Laanen.  They became a WSDA certified Grade A Dairy in 2009 and produce delicious farmstead goat milk cheeses from their own goat’s milk.  In addition to cheese, they offer educational farm tours, farm dinners, apprenticeships, and (hopefully soon) classes.

Nash’s Organic Produce is located in the Sequim-Dungeness Valley in Sequim WA and has been growing healthy food, saving farmland and training future farmers for over 30 years. They produce over 100 varieties of vegetables, fruits, grains and seeds year round, but are particularly famous for their sweet Dungeness root crops, ie “Nash Carrots”. They also raise delicious open range pork, fed Nash’s own organic barley and local whey, available as USDA inspected pork at the Chimacum Corner Farmstand.

Oatsplanter Farm is a 5 acre farm in Port Townsend, WA specializing in saving, promoting and selling organic seeds. Their custom packets of seed were developed to be the most vigorous, flavorful and pest resistant in our particular local. They work closely with the Organic Seed Alliance.  They also have a productive hothouse program which grows among other things, fantastically rich and spicy peppers.

Red Dog Farm Red Dog Farm, headed by Karyn Williams, is located just a few hundred feet from Chimacum Corner on Center Valley Road. The farm is 23 acres total, with 13 acres of mixed vegetables, strawberries and raspberries, cut flowers and plant starts and five acres of hay. Red Dog Farm is certified organic by WSDA. They run a successful CSA program 10 months of the year. Be sure and check out the Red Dog farm stand.

Serendipity Farm is a 46 acre farm in Quilcene. It has an active CSA for which they raise produce, eggs and homemade prepared items such as holiday pies and delicious soups.  40% of Serendipity Farm is in conservation reserve and 5 acres has been dedicated to a salmon stream and pond restoration project.  They also do horse boarding and offer riding classes.

Short Family Farm is a 400 acre farm on Center Valley road in Chimacum that the Short family has owned and operated since 1945.  Originally their farm was called Valley View Dairy, but in 2003 they sold the Holsteins and switched to raising 100% grass-fed antibiotic/hormone-free angus beef which they have USDA processed in Oregon, the closest USDA facility that met their exacting standards.  They also sell natural silage and hay from their pastures and run a compost and topsoil business – Magical Soil.

Solstice Farm – Linda Davis and Jim Rueff own 33 acres in upper Beaver Valley where they raise pasture-fed lamb, pork, free range chicken eggs, organic vegetables and fruit. They also run a busy “farm stay” bed and breakfast and are active in the Field Program, a hands-on apprenticeship program, training our farmers of tomorrow.

SpringRain Farm and Orchard is a 28-acre certified organic farm located in the center of Chimacum. John Bellow produces eggs, chicken, turkey, and lamb and grow a wide assortment of berry crops including strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, boysenberries, and blackberries. John also raises a large orchard of heirloom apples and pears, nuts, asparagus, and honey bees. John and Roxanne are proud to steward some of the land Chimacum Creek flows through, and with the Jefferson Land Trust and National Resource Conservation Service, conserve and protect the confluence of the E and W forks of the Chimacum Creek and engage in practices designed to preserve our natural resources.

Sunfield Farm is a working 81 acre biodynamic farm and Waldorf School just off Rhody Drive in Port Hadlock. Following the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, children in grades 1-8 are taught a holistic academic education enriched with the daily rhythms of farm life.  Neil and Verity Howe run the farming side of the operation with help from the kids, volunteers, and Field Interns.  Seven acres have been planted with vegetables, fruit, and cover crop.  The remaining fields are hayed and grazed rotationally by their cows, sheep, goats, and chickens.  They offer a CSA program.

Westbrook Angus Chuck and Julie Boggs are both 4th generation Chimacum residents with a ranch on West Valley Road, just outside of Chimacum. They raise healthy high-quality Angus cattle, completely free of antibiotics or hormones.  The cattle are raised mainly on pasture (including hay from the ranch in the winter), with some natural grain supplements.

Wild Harvest Creamery Suzanne and Mike Tyler run a diversified family farm above West Valley Road that employs rotational grazing systems in raising diary goats and sheep, whey-fed pork, grass fed beef, heritage turkeys, free range duck and chicken eggs. They frequently host day-long workshops in cheesemaking, lambing and kidding, and other topics.

Whiskey Hill Diary is a small scale raw goat milk dairy in Port Townsend run by Diana Dyer that has been making commercial cheese since 2008.  She specializes in aged goat cheeses, most notably a Northwest King Cheddar and Greek Feta. We also sell her raw goat milk.  More recently she has been expanding and making various cow cheeses from milk that she gets elsewhere.  And last but not least she makes goat milk soap.

Wildwood Farm run by Pete and Mary Brackney in Quilcene raises pork, chicken and turkeys, along with berries and a wide range of preserves and jams.  At farmers markets they sell both duck and chicken eggs.

Fisherman and Foragers:

Cape Cleare Fishery Rick Oltman of Port Townsend line fishes the Alaskan seas for salmon, tuna, and ling cod.  The tuna, he cans, and the salmon and ling cod, he sells frozen.   It doesn’t get any better.

Pacific Crest Foraging bringing the finest seasonal wild foods to the market – mushrooms, wild greens, wild berries, sea beans, and wild tea blends.

Nurserymen (and women!):

Egg and I Gardens Small family Chimacum farm growing fuschias, native plants, and cut flowers.  All locally grown using local supplies whenever possible.  Also look for Doyle’s awesome chainsaw rough-cut outdoor furniture make from Chimacum sustainably-cut lumber.

Green Gables Garden on Marrowstone Island selling the most beautiful unexpected bouquets of flowers, we can’t wait for her spring creations.


Alpenfire Cidery (previously known as Wildfire Cidery) in Port Townsend selling Washington State’s only certified organic hard cider.  They produce 5 stylses of cider along with barrel-aged Orleans style vinegar.  This summer they will be coming out with fruit and herbal vinegars as well.

Bob’s Bagels Wonderful handmade bagels made in Port Townsend with a homegrown sourdough starter.

Candace’s Cookies baking for Port Townsend since 1991.  If you are from around here, no explanation is needed.  Until we opened a grocery store, we never realized how many cookies people eat!  And cake!

Caveman Bar “Primitive” and tasty nutrition bars in a variety of flavors made on a farm on the North Kitsap Peninsula.  They are made simply of nuts and fruits held together by brown rice syrup.  All but one flavor are gluten-free.  For more info, read this article.

CB’s Nuts from Kingston. Premium peanuts, pistachios, and now pumpkin seeds, roasted locally in small batches.  We also carry their very special peanut butter.

Daddy’s Muesli, organic and handmade in Port Townsend.  Muesli taken to a new level.

Dragon Fly Chai A microbrewery in Portland, OR  making really good small batch organic free-trade chai.  The first chai that I’ve had that is not too sweet.

Elevated Ice Cream – A Port Townsend institution, Julie and David have been making and selling their beloved ice-cream out of their ice-cream parlor on the waterfront in Port Townsend for over 25 years.

Eaglemount Winery in Chimacum, producers of wine and fabulous cider made with heirloom apples from their orchard.  I am partial to the ginger cider.  Be sure and visit their tasting room.

Finnriver Farm selling hard apple ciders and spirited wines made on their certified organic farm using traditional fermenting and bottling methods.  You don’t want to miss a visit to their tasting room.

The Gluten Free Bakery and Market from Poulsbo.  We carry a variety of their bread products (even English Muffins!) which are one of our best sellers.

Golden Harvest Bee Ranch Honey from Whidbey Island.  Among Tom Schioler’s varieties are buckwheat, citrus, fireweed, raspberry, clover, wildflower, and even vanilla flavored with a piece of vanilla bean.

Harmonys Way Farm Goat Milk Soap from Chimacum. Felicia raises show goats and makes soap from their milk.  She is using a special mold made exclusively for Chimacum Corner Farmstand.  The soap is great on sensitive skin.

In Season Catering preserves by Beth Johnson, Port Townsend.  We are currently carrying her lemon honey jelly, apricot ginger chutney, and cranberry chutney.

Jose’s Famous Salsa and Guacamole made freshly in Sequim.  Try it, you’ll like it!  Look for it in the produce case.

Lopez Larry’s “Soon to Be Famous” Gourmet Products of Lopez Island.  We currently carry his dill caper mustard sauce, garlic red onion mustard sauce, and his excellent smokey chardonnay mustard sauce.

Mama Lil’s Pickled Peppers.  Old world oil preserved peppers made in Seattle from Yakima “goat horns”.  When we opened our store and surveyed customers for requests, this was perhaps our most requested product.

Mama’s Harvest from Chimacum.  We sell Kayla’s line of delicious pickles and also her to-die for tamales.  Now you can eat her tamales year-round, not just at the Farmers’ Markets.

Marrowstone Island Raw Honey Yum, we love this honey.

Midori Farm delicious, handcrafted, live culture krauts and kimchis.  Unpasteurized, raw goodness that tastes great and keeps for 7 months refrigerated (if you can resist finishing it before then).

Morganics English style preserves and marmalades made by Port Townsend’s Pauline Morgan.  I bought 6 jars of her grapefruit marmalade as special Christmas gifts and then couldn’t part with them.  They are that good!

Mountain Spirit Herbal Company organic and fair-trade teas and infusions mixed in small batches by Denise Joy of Port Townsend, so the teas are always fresh.

Mt Townsend Creamery Owners Matt Day and Ryan Trail run this very successful creamery in Port Townsend and now make about 10 different varieties of cheese form cow milk sourced from the best local dairies.  My favorite – the Trufflestack!

My Mixed Nuts (and Trail Mix Too!) from Port Townsend.  For us they have made a special “Chimacum Corner Organic Trail Mix” – Chunky and satisfying!  (They have powered me through the making of this website).

Pane D’Amore Artisan Bakery from Port Townsend.  How lucky we are to have one of the best bakeries around in our backyard. Not only do we carry their bread, but also their “Euro-Sub” sandwiches.

Pastry Design by Anca of Port Townsend.  Everything she bakes is superb, my favorite being the pine nut cookies.  Or maybe the pecan shortbread.

Port Townsend Coffee Roasting Company They roast the organic fair trade beans we love at Port Townsend’s favorite coffee shop, Better Living Through Coffee.

Princess Valiant Coffee Denise Brennan of Port Angeles has been roasting her carefully selected Arabica beans since 2004.  Not a fan of dark roasts, check out her marvelous descriptions of the 14 varieties she has available!

Sunrise Coffee Company Sue Ohlson has been roasting her delicious coffee (organic, fair-trade, bird-friendly, shade-grown) in Port Townsend since 1985.  Try waking up to “Crack O’Dawn” – it works.  (And the birds thank you).

Sweet Creek Foods from Elmira, Oregon. A family-owned operation preserving local Oregon produce.  We sell their organic pickles, relish, and enchilada sauce.  My husband has a special fondness for their dill pickles in apple cider vinegar.

Sweet Laurette’s Cafe and Bistro from Port Townsend.  Currently she is making our hot deli soups and we are also selling her granola.

Theo’s Chocolate from Seattle’s Freemont neighborhood.  The only organic, fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate factory in the United States.

Tortilleria Jalisco from down the road in Shelton, Washington.  They have quite a popular following, with at least one review calling them the “best tortillas in the state”.

Truson Organics roasted soy nuts in onion garlic, sea salt, chile lime, and hickory BBQ flavors.

Whidbey Island Ice Cream from across the water. They’ve been making ice cream with milk and cream from local dairy farms since 1990.

Williams Family Salsa from Grapeview, Washington (South Puget Sound).  Good jarred salsa that keeps well.