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Sun Greets New Community Garden
May 28th, 2011 by katyandcracker

Post #15 by Wendie Dyson

The Chimacum Corner Community Herb Garden is off and running to a great start.  The sun and neighbors came out for a successful kick-off community planting day on April 30th.  Beautiful herbs are now planted in four beds of rich soil thanks to Midori Farm, donations from Henery’s Garden Center and Roger Short’s Magical Soil, and volunteer preparations by Sarah Fairbanks, Barbara Smith, and Dan Anderson.

Farmstand Recipient of $10,500 Grant!
April 16th, 2011 by katyandcracker
presentation of giving circle grant money

Post #11 by Malcolm Dorn

It’s spring…. time to build a garden with major financial help from 13 local generous women. The Women Who Care Giving Circle has granted the Chimacum Corner Farmstand with $10,500 seed money to establish an educational program, with demonstration herb garden and greenhouse at the site.  Wendie Dyson has been hired as the coordinator for the project, which will run spring through late fall of this year.  She is planning a number of events and workshops throughout the season, including:

“On the Corner”
March 27th, 2011 by katyandcracker

by Crystie Kisler (co-owner Finnriver Farm)

I was at a meeting this afternoon and a group of folks was trying to organize a carpool.  I offered to drive since I have a mini-van and feel it is my duty to try to fill it with people whenever possible.  So I said, “Let’s meet at the Corner!”  (In my mind, it has a capital “C” like that).  One gentleman wasn’t sure which corner I was referring to and so I explained, “Chimacum Corner…you know, where the store is…the yellow building with the chicken on it.”    He figured it out but was surprised to learn that this intersection was called “Chimacum Corner”.   I would love for someone with a longer history around here to fill us all in about the different ways locals have referred to that intersection.  For me, it is and always has been Chimacum Corner and now, thanks to the Chimacum Corner Farmstand, it is a place I love.

Chimacum High Seniors Build a Bus Stop Bench
March 19th, 2011 by katyandcracker
Chimacum Corner Bus Stop

Post #7 by Katy McCoy

Austin Johnson and Daryn Settlemeyer, 2 seniors at Chimacum High School, volunteered a total of 22 hours and built for all of us a beautiful new bench for the Chimacum Corner bus stop.  This was their senior community service project and we thank them profusely.  Look at it carefully, and you will notice that Austin and Daryn have carved various words into the wood.  The idea is to encourage others to carve their initials, proclamations of enduring love, or other inspired messages while waiting for the bus. Take the bus and check it out!

Any chance we entice a couple class of 2012 seniors to add a shelter this coming fall?  It’s so much nicer to carve when dry!

Don’t let Chimacum’s post office close!
February 13th, 2011 by katyandcracker

by Rob Story

“CHIMACUM POST OFFICE CLOSING” Is this the sign you want to see the next time you go to our post office?  Not me.

There are many wonderful things about Chimacum and one of my favorite things is the Chimacum Post Office.  Sure my PO Box fills up with bills.  Sure I gripe and roll my eyes every time I hear about ANOTHER postage increase. I mean, come on already.

However, going to get mail here is a great experience and makes me feel like part of something. Have you ever walked into a Post Office and the clerk behind the counter greets you by first name AND says “here is a package that came in for you.  I saw you pull in so I brought it up front.”

40+ Show Up for Corner’s 1st Group Photo
December 13th, 2010 by katyandcracker
CCF group photo

Post #3 by Phil Vogelzang It was a cold and rainy Saturday, but at 10 am, 40 loyal supporters of the Chimacum Corner Farmstand showed up for the store’s first ever Chimacum Community Group Photo!  It was planned at the very last minute (thank-you Crystie K.!) and an e-mail was sent to an incomplete list of community friends.  But despite the inhospitable weather and spontaneity of the affair, many came to show their support.  Thank you loyal supporters, “Friends of Chimacum Corner”!  Without you, we couldn’t do it.