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Corner is on a Mission and Requests Your Help
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy

And what is this mission? Simply put, it is:

“Creating economic prosperity in our community through local agriculture, a culture of teamwork, and a vibrant food distribution system.”

In other words connecting farmers, producers and consumers. You, our forward-thinking generous community, have already laid the groundwork by conserving farmland

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Corner Reflects on Accomplishments 2010 – Present
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
photos of vacant Chimacum Corner property in March 2010

From 2006 – 2010 a vacant gravel lot with a forlorn blue building for lease welcomed the 20,000 daily cars driving through Chimacum’s main intersection. In March of 2010, inspired by a passion for local food and urged on by neighborhood farms, Malcolm Dorn, Phil Vogelzang, and Katy McCoy leased the property with two goals:

1)   Relocating the Chimacum Farmer’s Market (run by Jefferson County Farmers Markets)

2)   Opening a small permanent farm stand focused on local products

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Corner Shares “Mooey Grande” Plans for 2012
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
Photo simulation of proposed life-size plywood cows grazing around "Welcome to Chimacum" sign

Encouraged by our success, steady growth, and customer enthusiasm, we are implementing several improvements in 2012 all of which will further our mission to support local sustainable agriculture. These are some of the exciting undertakings we are inviting you to help finance.

  1. In-store improvements including a second check-out station, ice cream scoop counter (yes, you heard that right!), new shelving and bulk facilities, improved ventilation, increased inventory, and more.
  2. Construction of a permanent covered front porch
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Corner Outlines Budget and Fun-raising Campaign!
April 10th, 2012 by Katy McCoy
cartoon of Cracker suggesting you can "Eat Your Greens and Have Them Too!"

That’s the beauty of sustainable agriculture and why it makes sense to invest money and energy on “FOOD FROM HERE”. The investment continues to grow and produce. Besides, what could be more fun and tasty?

You are now familiar with our mission, our accomplishments, and our plans for the coming year. We’ve stated that we need to raise $130,000, and in this final post, we explain why this “for-profit” business is choosing to ask for donations

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